Storm Chase 2003

For the third year in a row, Jeff took the third week of May off work for his annual chase vacation. And for the third year in a row, Jeff spent more time looking at wind sculpted rock formations than wind sculpted cloud formations. So what does a storm chaser do when he has 10 days off work and no storms to chase? The answer may surprise you.....

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About Our Trip

may 15, 2003

warmup chase in the panhandles
may 16, 2003

watched storms from my backyard
may 17, 2003

stormtrack picnic
may 18, 2003

nowcasting in norman
may 19, 2003

chaser convergence in norman
may 20, 2003

dinner at the big texan
may 21, 2003

wiffle ball in amarillo
may 22, 2003

dust devils in az/ca
may 23, 2003

softball in turlock
may 24, 2003

sleep in turlock
may 25, 2003

loneliest road in america
may 26, 2003

the 24-hour drive back to norman
june 4, 2003

the portales pummeling
june 5, 2003

shelf cloud over caprock canyon

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