Storm Chase 2002

Just about everybody in the central and southern Plains enjoyed the cool, dry air and clear blue skies that came with the Canadian origin airmasses that filtered across the region throughout the spring of 2002. Everybody, that is, except storm chasers. While many storm chasers lamented the lack of Gulf of Mexico origin airmasses in the Plains during the spring, Shawn, Ed, Jay, and Jeff saw some of the most photogenic storms and scenery they had seen in years. Following are stories and pictures from their adventures......

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may 15, 2002
gustnadofest in southwest kansas
may 16, 2002
monster supercell in the texas panhandle
may 17, 2002
bonus vorticity in texas and new mexico
may 18, 2002
capulin revisited: one year later
may 23, 2002
a different type of turkey tower
may 24, 2002
hp linear mess in northwest texas

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