Storm Chase 2001

In May 2001, Shawn Keizer, Ed Henry, Jay Barnes, and Jeff Wear converged on the Plains for their sixth annual chase trip. At least that's what they told friends and co-workers. But we know better. Ever since the Ridge of Death became a semi-permanent feature on the Plains around 1997, storms have become rare south of I-90. We all know they were really out there to play wiffle ball and look for cows, irrigators, Sinclair Dinosaur souvenirs, and a mythical half-pig, half-human named Swaggerty.

Along the way we did happen to stumble upon some decent storms. Following are some accounts and video captures...

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may 14, 2001
close encounter of the bovine kind
may 15, 2001
down day at chimney rock
may 16, 2001
wiffle ball in angora
may 17, 2001
hailstorm on the kansas turnpike
may 18, 2001
barber pole by the capulin volcano
may 19, 2001
car wash in amarillo
may 20, 2001
went home

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