Chase Trip 1999

Following are day by day accounts of my second annual chase trip in the Plains late in May. The accounts below contain mostly photos and video captures, but one of these days I'll try to post some more detailed logs here. Comments and feedback can be sent to

Click on an image below to read the corresponding day's account. **WARNING*** All images on this page and the following pages are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be used for anything other than personal viewing without expressed written consent from Jeff Wear. Please refer to this disclaimer for more information.

may 28, 1999
divine intervention in moore???
may 29, 1999
slightly severe storms in southeastern colorado
may 30, 1999
outflow dominant junk in northeastern colorado
may 31, 1999
supercell in southwestern kansas
june 1, 1999
bonus storms near denver
june 3, 1999
back into the western winter wonderland

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