The Vault Region

Welcome to The Vault Region, the part of the site I put links that don't quite fit in the other sections. Some of it is serious. Some of it is funny. And all of it deserves a page of its own. Please report any errors or changes to

Weather Related Stuff

Thunderstorms in the San Joaquin Valley of CA - Feb 12, 2001
Severe thunderstorms in the Central Valley of CA - Mar 23, 2002

Discussion Groups

Stormtrack Forum

Funny stuff

TAP2 - this dude apparently wants to put this thing in the path of a tornado
Tornado Attack - this dude wants to drive into a tornado
Tornado Fighters - and this dude wants to blow up a tornado by putting fireworks in it. We'll see what Mr. Ridge and Mr. Ashcroft think of that.

Climate summaries

Norman OK climate summaries 2001-present

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