february 20, 2005
arrived in turlock ca

As mentioned before, I arrived back at my parents house at 8:30am. Signs of spring were very apparent in Turlock, with the landscape green with lush vegetation and almond trees in full bloom. This was quite a change from the bleak winter landscape I left behind in Oklahoma, where the grass was still brown and trees still barren. Although the sun was out, the pavement was still wet from the heavy rain that fell the day before.

With my brother all alone in the house still sleeping, I called him up and asked him to look out the window. He was pretty surprised to see me - after all, I was still supposed to be at the convention in Denver. So he let me in, and we spent the next few hours catching up on the past few months. I also got to see the cats, Casper and Norman, for the first time in a year and a half. What amazed me most was seeing how much rain had fallen since my parents left town the previous weekend - there was still 1.07" of rain left in the rain gauge, and that was after my brother emptied an inch of rain out of the gauge several days earlier. So since the 12th, there had been 2.07" of rain.

By 3pm I had been awake for almost 30 hours straight, so I climbed into my old bed and crashed hard for over 10 hours.

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