january 28, 2005

norman ok surprise snow event

The Oklahoma City metro area experienced an unexpectedly heavy snow event on the morning of January 28, 2005. Here in Norman a total of 1.2 inches fell, which was the first time we've had more than an inch of snow in a day since February 9, 2003. This morning's snowfall was wet and cementlike - excellent for making snowballs and snowpeople. Following are some digital images taken of this snow event near the intersection of Southeast 12th Street and Highway 9 - click on a thumbnail to see a large image.

Pictures of my apartment complex and my car at around 11:15-11:20am, a couple hours after the heaviest snow stopped falling.

The temperature never got any lower than 33F all day, so by 5:30pm almost all of the snow had melted - leaving these snowpeople as some of the only remaining evidence that it snowed







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