february 9, 2003

On the evening of February 8, 2003 - most forecasters were predicting less than an inch of snow the following morning in Norman. A big surprise came at daybreak on the 9th, when....

....more than 2 inches of snow was on the ground, with big wet flakes still falling and piling up fast!
By 8am, there was 2.5 inches of snow on the ground - which turned out to be the storm total for this location.
This bird seemed to enjoy the snow....
...and so did the kids
I recorded .30" of liquid out of the 2.5" of snow, making for a snow/water ratio of about 8:1.
The temperature never got below freezing during the entire snow event at my location....
....and with the temperature so warm, the snow piled on top of cars became unstable....
...and started to slide off!!!
Wouldn't have wanted to be a cat sitting under that mini-avalanche!
With temperatures so warm, the window of opportunity to make a snowman like this was very short. By afternoon, the snowpack had diminished to 1/2 inch, and all traces of snow were totally gone by the following afternoon.

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