April 22, 2001

Slept in until 1:30pm today. By the time I woke up a squall line had already developed over western Oklahoma and was charging eastward, so there was little choice but to stay home and wait for the storms to come to me.

The line arrived in Norman shortly after 4pm. Severe cells pulsed along the line and raced north-northeastward at 50-65 mph. One of these cells brought dime to golf ball sized hail to the west and northwest parts of Norman before rapidly racing into Oklahoma and Lincoln Counties. Another severe cell developed to our south in McClain County and raced into southeast Cleveland County and Pottawatomie County. Here at the intersection of SE 12th and Hwy 9 we found ourselves stuck in between, with about 30 minutes of moderate rain and occasional in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning. No hail occurred here, and there wasn't much in the way of wind once the gust front moved overhead.

Here are some NWS products and video captures of interest.....

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