Storm Chase 2000

On the evening of May 6, 2000, Jim Barker, Lauren Barker, Jay Barnes, Ed Henry, Shawn Keizer, and Jeff Wear all met at a parking lot in Wichita KS to begin a week of travelling across the Plains states looking for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Following are video captures and accounts of their adventures. Click on an image below to read the corresponding day's account. I must warn you, you may not enjoy the following pages if you came here looking for tales and images of encounters with high contrast wedges, grapefruit sized hail, barber pole mothership LP's, and silicone mammatus. But if you like reading stories about wiffle ball, mud puddles, irrigation systems, getting pulled over by state troopers, and collecting Sinclair Dinosaur souvenirs, you will be in for a treat... :-)

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may 7, 2000
hp supercell in southwest nebraska
may 8, 2000
sunset surprise in northwest oklahoma
may 9, 2000
mud frisbee in grand island
may 10, 2000
wiffle ball near ravenna
may 11, 2000
cyclic hp supercell in northeast iowa
may 12, 2000
a very wet chase in the land of lincoln

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