june 10, 2005
rainy drive back to norman

Today was eerily similar to the Friday before, in which storms fired throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle throughout the overnight hours and well into the morning. And like last Friday, concerns were that too much cloud cover and rain cooled air would wash out the instability and interfere with severe storm potential. So today I decided to drift back south in case something happened over the OK/TX panhandle region. If it did, great, I would be in position - but if not, just as well, I'd be that much closer to home. Sure enough, storms kept firing over the OK/TX panhandle region into the morning and early afternoon. I punched through one cell in far northwestern Oklahoma around 2pm. It had a mean bluish green tinge, but had nothing more than extremely heavy rain with it. The cell just to its east was briefly tornado warned, but figuring it was another one of those short lived cold core type tornadoes I decided to ignore it and keep heading back to Norman. The only other interesting thing that happened was when I crossed over some sort of boundary southeast of Woodward that fogged up the OUTSIDE of my car.

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