june 12, 2004

Following are captures of 4 of the tornadoes I witnessed southeast of Wichita KS on June 12, 2004. Please click on an image to see additional thumbnail images of each respective tornado.

The first tornado I witnessed occurred just southwest of Mulvane KS. The condensation funnel never reached the ground although it did produce a damaging circulation at the surface. The funnel was visible from between 7:09pm to 7:13pm. Click here for more pics.
The second tornado of the day tracked southeast of Mulvane KS between around 7:23pm and 7:35pm. This was the most spectacular tornado of the day, glowing a brilliant white as it became lit by the sun. This tornado did significant damage to at least one house and tossed vehicles up to 1/4 mile away. Click here for more pics.
The third tornado tracked east of Rock KS between 8:24pm and about 8:31pm. This tornado moved in a westerly direction for parts of its life cycle, the opposite of the easterly direction most tornadoes travel. Click here for more pics.
The fourth tornado I got on video occurred south-southeast of Atlanta KS from 8:52pm until at least 8:57pm. Like the first tornado southwest of Mulvane, the funnel only came about halfway to the ground. There was a damaging circulation at the surface beneath the funnel, however. Click here for more pics.

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