july 30, 2003

A strong downburst hit Norman around 0600 CDT on July 30, 2003. Winds were strong enough to down large tree limbs all over the city, but the strongest winds hit northwest and just north of Norman. Winds were measured at 79 mph at Westheimer Airport, where numerous planes were flipped. Other damage in the northwest part of Norman included overturned 18-wheelers, flattened fences and road signs, and minor roof damage. Many power poles were toppled just north of Norman, and parts of the city were without power into the afternoon. Here are a few video captures taken around Norman later that afternoon....

Many plywood fences exposed to the north and west were flattened west of NW 36th and north of Robinson.
Jeff stands next to a tree that was snapped 3 feet above the ground near Wylie and Boyd.
An aluminum ultility pole was bent in half just north of Norman, just narrowly missing this house.

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