august 27, 2002

A powerful cluster of thunderstorms raced southeastward through central Oklahoma during the predawn hours of August 27, 2002, producing wind gusts to near hurricane force in Norman. Following are some shots of the resultant tree damage along Constitution St, which is southeast of the OU campus.....

For the second time this year, a rain gutter was torn from this apartment building.
Tree branches littering front yards was a common sight after the storm.
Some of the branches that were snapped off trees were quite large - the one pictured was about 4 inches in diameter.
Foul ball net behind home plate torn free at Reaves Park
A branch about 7 inches in diameter snapped off this tree. Close up image
The most significant damage along Constitution Street were these branches - some over a foot in diameter - taking out this plastic fence.
I have no idea where this chair came from, or how far it may have tumbled in the wind.
More branches piled up along the fence at the OU golf course.
My watch depicts the ~.15" rise in pressure that took place between 2am and 4am (the storm hit around 3:30am).

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