June 14, 2001

An unseasonably strong cold front moved across central Oklahoma early this afternoon. There was decent instability and weak capping ahead of the front in northern Texas and southeastern Oklahoma, but wind shear would be weak -- suggesting this would be little more than a big rain event. Began heading south on I-35 hoping I'd get something ahead of the big messy squall line or a tail-end charlie in north Texas. But once I got to around Wayne, it was apparent the squall line would overtake me on I-35. One big rainstorm on I-35 was enough for me this year, so for the second day in a row I turned around and headed home early.

Again, no ranking since the chase ended early. I'm glad though that I didn't expend a lot of energy on a day that turned out to be nondescript.

Total Chase Mileage: 54 miles
Total Chase Time: 57 minutes

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