February 6, 1998

We got another .94 of an inch of rain here in Turlock on Friday, putting our weekly rainfall total at 4.03 inches. This is a new one-week rainfall record for my station - the old record was 3.98 inches from Feb 9-15, 1992.

SE winds ahead of this storm were even stronger than the winds we had Monday night - up to 45 mph on Friday morning. Pressure "only" got down to 29.44 inches. Not as low as the last storm, but still one of the lowest pressures I've recorded here.

We had an interesting line of t'storms move across the area Friday afternoon. The storm hit Turlock at 1650, giving us in-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and cloud-to-ground lightning once every 3-10 min and .19 of an inch of rain in 20 minutes. The line was much more intense to my north in Oakdale (17 mi north of Turlock), where there was 1.31 inches of rain in 40 min and dime-sized hail.

We're just .55 of an inch away from breaking our February rainfall record (4.57 inches in 1992). Another storm is headed this way, and it's possible we could break this record later today.*

* Follow-up.....We had 1.22 inches of rain on the 7th, which established the one-week rainfall record at 5.25 inches and broke the February rainfall record.