February 2-3, 1998

We've had a total of 1.48 inches of rain here in Turlock since Sunday (.46, of an inch on Sun, .99 of an inch on Mon, .03 of an inch so far today). The rain returned to the area around 11 pm Monday evening after an 8 or 9 hr break.

Southeast winds gusted to 42 mph ahead of the front on Monday evening - the highest winds we've seen here since that big storm back in Dec 1995. Winds died down a little after the rain returned tonight, but are still gusting to 36 mph.

Barometric pressure is at record low levels, and continues to fall. It's currently down to 29.20 inches. Our old record was 29.40 inches set in Jan 1995. Lowest pressure in the state so far, from reports I've seen, was 28.96 inches at Crescent City (.03 of an inch lower than they were in the Dec 1995 storm).

The Bay Area must be getting incredible rainfall amounts out of this storm. Radar has shown a north-south oriented band of mdt-hvy rain over that area all night long - and it's moved eastward no more than 20 mi over the past 6 hrs.

We haven't even had the cold front or unstable air behind it go through yet, so there's still a lot of interesting wx left. Will keep you updated.....

The next day....

We had an additional 1.47 inches of rain in Turlock on Tuesday, bringing the total for the week up to 2.92 inches. Most of it came between 0200 and 0800. We had 1.17 inches of rain during that 6-hr span.

Street flooding was commonplace in Turlock this morning, but the water drained during the day. All of the drainage basins in the city were full Tuesday evening - the one at Donnelly Park was as high as I had ever seen it.

The barometric pressure bottomed out at 29.19 inches on Tuesday morning, establishing a new record for low pressure. It's gone up quite a bit since then, but only up to 29.55 inches.

We're not finished with this storm yet. Bands of lgt-mdt showers have been moving onshore into the Bay Area all night, and are moving eastward towards the valley. The temp is only 42F here, so I would imagine the Diablo Range is getting snow.